Thursday, October 6, 2011

Feels Like Home - SOTW #40

It's week #40, and you know what that means... Only 12 weeks left this year!
Also, it's Thursday, which means I've learned a new song and it's time release it into the wild.

This week I decided to continue on the mellow mood from last week and cover a personal favorite, "Feels Like Home." Ever since the original Toy Story movie, I've been a fan of Randy Newman. His lyrical wit and perspective, as well as his composing, make for some wonderful listening. When I first heard this song, a live, dry take from a compilation album, I was hooked. The song first appeared on Randy Newman's Faust, a concept-cast recording for a musical by the man himself. Bonnie Raitt provided the vocals of that initial recording in 1995. Newman himself would later record it for his 2008 album, Harps and Angels. It has seen covers by Linda Ronstadt (also a Faust cast member), Chantal Kreviazuk, and Edwina Hayes. Personally, I like Randy's version the best, then Raitt's. Newman's unique voice provides the lyrics with a rich emotional layer that I try to emulate in my own version.

All the usual suspects on this one: the Taylor 716ce-LTD and the Sanyo camcorder. I went petty minimal on guitar playing, as I think it best honors Newman's delicate piano arrangement. For some reason the camera is picking up a lot of background noise, but I don't think it interferes with the performance. What's unusual about this particular entry is that it took me about five or six takes to get one with which I was happy enough to post. Usually it's the first or second take and I'm satisfied; not this one. Anyway, say hi to Mr. Frog. Cheers!

Bel isi,

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